New Capgemini Exam Pattern 2023

Capgemini exam pattern 2023

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Capgemini exam pattern 2023
Capgemini exam pattern 2023

Capgemini Recruitment Process for 2023 Batch

Capgemini has already started oncampus hiring for this year for 2023 batch engineering graduates. Soon, we can also expect off-campus hiring from capgemini for various batches.

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In this article, we would see in the detail the expected Capgemini exam pattern 2023.

The overall recruitment process consists of below rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Round 1: Online test (Based on New Capgemini Exam Pattern 2023)

Online Test consists of below rounds.

Rounds Round NameNo. of questionsDuration (minutes)
3Game-Based Aptitude4 different gamesEach game has a separate time.

Deductive Logical Thinking – 6 minutes

Inductive Logical Thinking – 6 minutes

Grid Challenge – 9 minutes

Motion Challenge – 6 minutes
4Personality Psychometric100No time limit
5Coding (only for 6.5 LPA role)245
Capgemini Exam pattern 2023

Key points about the Capgemini Online Test 2023 :

  • There is no negative marking
  • Each round is a stage-by-stage elimination process. i.e. You need to clear the Pseudocoding Round to get into English, and so on.
  • Round 4- i.e. Personality Psychometric test is not an elimination round.
  • In Pseudocode Round, Out of 25 questions- 10 Questions would be asked in Data Structures & remaining 15 Questions in Algorithms.
  • In Game Based Aptitude test, It is expected to be a series of 4 games that one must solve.
    • Deductive Logical Thinking- Finding the missing symbol/ visual in a grid based on a rule-based logic
    • Inductive Logical Thinking- Visual Based Questions of the type where you are expected to find which pair of figures follow the same rule as given by a pair in the question
    • Grid Challenge- In this round, Ability to focus your attention is measured by Symmetry check between two different grids & Recalling sequence of tasks.
    • Motion Challenge– In this round, you would get puzzles where you must find the path between two points in a maze – in the least number of moves possible.

Round 2: Technical Interview

In the technical interview, Capgemini focuses on analyzing your application skills & knowledge of technology. Hence in this round, you can expect questions on the below-given topics:

  • Projects you have worked on: Make sure you know in and out of every project that is mentioned in your resume. Right from the logic to components used if any and also the flow/circuit diagram.
  • The subject of Interest: Before getting into technical questions, you will be asked about your favorite subjects/subjects of interest. All the questions in this interview will be focusedward on testing your knowledge in those subjects.
  • Latest Technologies: You also need to be aware of trending technologies like AI, Cyber Security, etc. There is a chance that you might be asked about these topics.

Round 3: HR Interview

The HR interview is just a formality. Students who have cleared the Technical interview will be called for this round. In this round, you just have to take care of your communication skills and present your well.

Be prepared for common HR interview questions like:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What is your expectation with respect to the role?
  • Why Capgemini?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Are you willing to relaocate to any location?

Following things will also be judged in HR Interview:

  • Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Basic Knowledge of Technical Field
  • Good Aptitude Skills
  • Good Professional Aptitude
  • Pressure Handling

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